YOYO Christmas Tree Tutorial

I made several different size yoyos out of various green fabric and stacked them together to make these Christmas Trees. You don't need a yoyo maker to make yoyos. If anyone needs a tutorial on how to make yoyos without a yoyo maker Becky has a great tutorial at STITCHY. When I had 8 different sizes of yoyos I stacked them up and held them securely in my left hand and sewed through them all from the bottom up - with a long needle and thread in my right hand. Then I went back down through them all again and secured the end of the thread at the bottom of the tree. I glued on a gold cord for a hanger and topped the whole thing with a bead of some sort. It's very easy once all the yoyos are done and I had fun making those and watching movies on TV. I used Fabri-Tac for the glue which I like the best.

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