Dining Room Fixed Up

After the failed attempt at reupholstering the wing chair I needed a pick-me-up so Mom helped me redo the dining room table. I bought this adorable metal teacup rack in Cape Cod last summer and I love it. I put some teacups on it and a teapot set Mom gave me. Then I put the not-to-eat cupcakes on a footed glass dish and walah! The dining room looks so nice and Spring-like, Easter-like.

I was thinking about hanging up some hearts for Valentine's and found some pink heart paper doilies. I put 3 together and stitched them down the middle. Then I pulled them apart. I left a long thread on them when I sewed them and hung them up from a grapevine I have hanging up between the dining room and the kitchen. (good example of a run-on sentence)

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