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Sparkling Mason Jar Angel Luminary With Coffee Filter Wings

Angel Mason Jar Luminary with Coffee Filter Wings

Mason jars seem to be my go-to basic craft item lately. I've painted lots of Mason jars with chalk paint to make them look "shabby" and white. I love the way they are turning out as luminaries and this one I made into an angel. It's fairly easy (the hardest part is painting the jar and the glass/plastic ornament ball).

These are the coffee filter angel wings ornament which I made a few years ago. They are easy to make from just white coffee filters.

Gold bow on angel wing ornaments

So I decided to make these coffee filter wings for the Mason jar angel, also.

I sandwiched these little tiny lights between the coffee filters so that the wings are illuminated.  They are little tiny lights and the batteries last a long time!

To make the angel:

1 clear plastic Christmas ball painted with chalk paint
1 Mason jar painted with chalk paint and then some of the paint rubbed off to make it "shabby"
twine to put around the neck of the angel
2 sets of tiny led lights, battery powered

Glue the ball onto the Mason jar with the top of the ball going down into the jar. Wrap jute string around the neck alternately with one set of the tiny lights. I added a few pieces of string on one side of the angel to make it look like the angel is wearing a scarf. I lightly brushed the chalk paint over the string and lights so that it would blend in better with the chalk painted jar and ball. I added a little grape vine wreath to the head of the angel to make the halo and also lightly brushed some chalk paint over it first.

Need a cute appetizer for Christmas parties? Here it is: Snowman Cheeseball.

snowman made from cream cheese


Best wishes for a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving, my friends.

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