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Frosty the Snowman Wooden Shutter Repurpose

How to paint a shutter to look like a snowman..

I'm a shutter junkie. I've got shutters and doors in my garage that my son and husband keep threatening to throw out. (Mom, you promised you were going to do something with those doors). So HERE I am doing something with one of the old shutters. 

I started with an old shutter that needed painting badly.

So I spray painted it red.

Then I bought some crackle paint at the craft store and painted a coat of it on the shutter. It doesn't "crackle" until you put another coat of paint on top of it. So then I painted the snowman and the white paint started to "crackle". See the cracks in the white paint? I think it looks more authentic with crackles.

I added eyes, an orange carrot for a nose, some sticks which I spray painted white for hands, a scarf that I pulled through the shutter and voila!

It's really easy. You just need an old shutter.......

I used another smaller shutter for this project. This is a different kind of door decor.

Best of December to you all!

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