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Cutest Birdhouse Gift

Cutest Birdhouse Gift 

I'm doing a series of diy gifts to give for the holidays and this is one of them. I think this makes a huge statement. 

Here is another great gift idea and easy to put together. I'd love to get one of these birdhouses, wouldn't you? We have lots of nature lovers in our family. Having a birdhouse/bird feeder tree in the front yard I am always thrilled to see the little birds flying in to munch at one of our bird feeders or nest in one of our birdhouses. It's the small things....

I bought the birdhouse at Michael's Crafts but all the craft stores have wooden birdhouses, some even cuter than this one. I painted the birdhouse white. At first, I wanted a shabby chic look but then it just went to cute. I'm okay with that, too. I wanted to buy an old table leg for the wooden pole but settled for this stair baluster.

I bought a colorful bowl to sit the birdhouse on. There were lots of pretty bowls but I thought this one said "Autumn" pretty well.

I like to use Fabri-Tac which is a very good, water proof glue that dries clear. It's great for fabric, too, of course.

The kids can help with this gift and wouldn't they be proud to gift this to a grandmother or special aunt? It's a really cute and useful gift, easy to make and makes a big impression, don't you think?

Are you going to make some of your gifts this year? Maybe just for special people?

Best wishes for Fall,


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