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DIY Valentine Postcards from Balsa Wood

These wooden postcards are almost too easy to make. How unique is this? Send an awesome wood postcard to family and friends.

Balsa wood is the EASIEST thing in the world to work with. It's super easy to cut, too.

Make a balsa wood Valentine postcard.

I bought a length of 4" balsa wood. I think it was 36" long.

I used an X-acto knife to cut through the balsa wood to make each postcard 4" x 6". It's super soft and I tried not to make them too perfect as you can see. Then I used a piece of sandpaper to smooth out the edges.

I painted them with white acrylic paint and then sanded them a little more to give a "shabby" look.  With a black marker we  wrote the words. Here is a picture of my sister working on one of the postcards.

The other side of the postcard? "Love you to the moon and back" and a place to put the address...

I think they could benefit from a clear coat spray of some kind. I didn't do that with mine but I'm working late and need to get these in the mail!!

Wooden Valentine postcards to make.

Making this heart with the tiny dots around it - fun!

Best wishes for a lovely Valentine's Day with your Valentines.


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