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Painted White Cottage Pumpkins

My sister, Carol, used to have a business painting white children's clothes and I asked her if she would paint a pumpkin for me in the same way. We started this blog together as Two Succulent Sisters. Anyway, she said, "Yes," so here I am in Pennsylvania (I live in Connecticut) and she painted 2 pumpkins. I'm so extremely happy with them!!!

First we painted the pumpkins white. We tried regular acrylic paint on one (the one in the back) and white chalk paint on the nearer pumpkin. It was undetectable which was which. I was quite surprised.

Anyway, my sister uses Tulip Puff paints (below). You can't buy them anymore but my sister sells them on ebay HERE. You could also use dimensional paints. My sister says you can copy her designs since she doesn't paint children's clothes anymore.

These paints have a very fine tip. Once the paint is dry you have to steam it to make it puff. I love the colors because they are very soft and pastelly looking.

My sister never even drew on the pumpkin but I would suggest drawing with either a pen that disappears or a pencil which would be covered with paint.

I should have taken pictures of Carol painting but it didn't happen.

First she draws the door and all the greens and then adds the rosebuds and little blops of color for the flowers.

Let the paint dry overnight.

Puff it up with a steam iron but don't touch the pumpkin with the iron and don't touch the pumpkin again until it's completely dry.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

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