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Reusing Old Wine Corks DIY

Reusing Old Wine Corks DIY on Hometalk

What is Hometalk?
  1. Hometalk is a social networking site focused on home improvement, gardening and DIY projects. With both expert and amateur users, theHometalk network aims to create an online community where people share ideas, advice and experiences from personal home-related endeavors.
Anyway, on Hometalk there are "boards" similar to Pinterest where you can "clip" something you like and put it into a "board" which you've named. I started a board called CORK DIY and then I went all over Hometalk finding awesome projects involving wine corks. There are lots of fun diy over there.

This is a teaser, of course, but if you like these projects they are HERE. Jump over to Hometalk to learn more about them.

I also did a round-up on wine cork fun. 

Click on the picture to go to that post. 

Hope you are having a great week.

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