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Felty Swirl Garland

felt rolled and then cut into cute little rolls

Hello, I am feeling so crafty I can't believe it, especially with all there is to do before Christmas. Today I heard that there are 4 "sleeps" before Christmas! That makes it feel so so close. I've got to clean up around here and I told my niece that I would help make 4 little doll quilts for the 4 American Girl Doll beds that my nephew is making! I made one little quilt top today but I don't have the right fabrics to make the other three. Oh, well, I guess I have to make a trip to Joann's tomorrow. :) I have 3 more 50% off coupons. Yippee.....

The little felty swirl garland was put together the same as the yoyo garland. The felty swirls were so easy to make. You take two different colors of felt about 5 inches square or whatever size and then just glue them together at the beginning and then just roll them together like a jellyroll and then glue the end. Cut with scissors. Nice little swirly circles. I love them! There is so much in this book for children that I ordered for my granddaughter that I love and want to make.

Best wishes.


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  1. These are so cute...they look like old fashioned Christmas Candy!!
    Merry Merry!!

  2. Oh my!
    That is just to adorable, you sure are one crafty lady!
    Merry Christmas!